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The woman is carrying a child on her back, a baby in front, a small child holding on to her coat, while also carrying a bag of supplies from what looks like the Red Cross. Oh yes…all while barefoot! Nice strapping, young, fighting-age men there walking with her. I say we accept ONLY women and children, and ONLY after we’ve fully vetted the women. Those young men need to stay in their country and fight the aggressors.

The Rugged Individualist

In the photograph below there are 11 people – all Syrian refugees. There are 7 young men. They look reasonably fit to me. There are, as well, one woman, two babies and one young girl. Note the following. First, look at the feet of these travelers. Who is the only person who has NO SHOES. Then determine who among the 8 fully grown persons is carrying the two babies (one in a papoose style carry). Again, note who is carrying the “supply” bag. Finally observe to whose coat the little girl clings. These observations bother me significantly. Do they bother you?


Roy Filly

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