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Let’s see here. ┬áThe recently arrived “bride” is the one that is being held up as the real radical, anti-American terrorist. The “groom” was just a quiet introvert with no friends, until recently no woman, and often picked on by his co-workers.
Do you see what’s happening here? Clearly the narrative is being well spun.
We are being told that the person who has no family in this country was the real instigator, and she influenced this poor, simple man.
Think about this. If we believe it was HER, then it will be easier for us to believe the threat was neutralized with her death.
Why does it matter? Because, the man has family here. He attended the local mosque every day. He was well engrained in the large, wealthy, educated, and politically active muslim community.
If we believe him to be radicalized, then we have to assume his family and friends are a continuing threat. They are!
There is no way these two pulled together that weapons cache without local assistance.
What is happening is a social influence tactical maneuver called, “framing.” And I’m going to go ahead and call BULL CRAP.


Lying to an infidel to advance Islam is an integral part of the ideology and promoted in the Quran.